Bad Legs at the World Championships

Bad Legs at the World Championships

The dream of three World Championships in a row is over. Zdenek was unable to extend his reign in Koksijde today. Niels Albert was the strongest rider. “I didn’t have a good day. Bad legs and I was also a little sick,” Styby said.

Zdenek did have a good start, but was never really in contention today. He did take charge of a group after the second lap and tried to bring them closer to Albert. But his efforts were in vain. “I didn’t get any closer. In fact, just the opposite happened.”

The Belgians took control or the race and Styby slowly, but surely fell further back. He rode around in eight for some time, but was unable to hold that position and would eventually drop out of the top ten. “The only thing I really did was enjoy the atmosphere a bit. Everyone encouraged me.”

“I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do for the rest of the winter. I’ll talk about it with the team this week. Right now I’m way too disappointed to think about it. I lost my rainbow jersey, but I still have my Czech jersey to enjoy,” our favorite concluded.

The world title went to Niels Albert, who led from start to finish. Rob Peeters and Kevin Pauwels completed the podium.

By on 29/01/2012