No new victory in Tabor

No new victory in Tabor

The first edition of the Radomir Simunek memorial did not result in a win for our world champion. Following a short night, Styby finished fourth. The victory went to Radomir Simunek Jr. “And I'm really happy about that,” Zdenek said. “Radomir deserved to win here.”

The day before the race was exceptionally busy for Zdenek as he did and interview for HUMO, made an appearance on a TV show and of course he went out for a training ride. “And then I had to go to Zaventem. I finally went to bed around 12:30 and had to get up at 5:00.”

The next morning Styby flew to the Czech Republic where temperatures were close to freezing. But there wasn't any snow like in January so the change wasn't too dramatic. An hour before the race Styby commented, “I'm already a bit tired. Maybe I didn't get enough sleep?”

Nevertheless, there was a race to ride. Prior to the start there was a ceremony to remember Radomir Simunek senior who passed away earlier this year following a long illness. “It was very emotional,” Zdenek admitted. “Radomir Jr. was very impressed by the ceremony for his father and thoughts of him gave him wings.”

Simunek took the lead in the first lap and Styby's compatriot didn't wait around for his rivals. “My father would not have approved of this tactic,” the BKCP rider admitted. “But I was extremely motivated so I went.”

Christoph Pfingsten was the only rider who was able to follow 'Simunka'. Behind them a group of twelve riders formed including Styby, Niels Albert and Steve Chainel. “But nobody wanted to ride so it was a battle for third place.”

“It was a special race for me as well,” Zdenek continued. “It was my first time back on the world championship track. But my thoughts were mainly with Simunek senior. He as most important today and not the world championships or going eight for eight.”

Radomir Jr. was able to ride away from Pfingsten on the last lap to secure a well deserved victory. The sprint for third went to Chainel who finished ahead of Styby and Albert respectively. “I'm glad I came here,” Styby said. “Now I'll spend some time with my family in the hotel and tonight I head back to Belgium. And tomorrow? I'm sleeping in!”

By on 29/10/2010