Zdeněk Štybar

Finally rest day in the Tour!

Tour de France: Stage 9 #58

In the Tour de France the riders have their first restday today. Zdenek did well so far. “I am happy. I was always there where I needed to be, and where the team wanted me. And we won three stages.”

“We won three times with our sprinter Marcel Kittel. And we got a second place with Daniel Martin as well. He is our man for the classification. Pity he crashed yesterday, otherwise he could have done a great job.”

“I didn’t do a bad either. I was in the early breakaway. But on the HC climb La Binche, I had to let go the group, even though I was fighting hard to keep their pace. On the Colombier the favorites passed me and I tried to hang on, to help Daniel, but ouch, they went hard…”

“There is one thing I feel really bad about. It was my fault the Norwegian Vegard Stake Laengen crashed. I was braking in to a corner, but I just went straight and hit him. I apologized to him for that, but I felt shit all day from that. Luckily nothing happened to him.”

“Today I will enjoy the rest of the restday. What we will do? Hopefully not so much. Maybe some easy training and I hope I can stay the rest of the day in bed.”

Foto: © Tim De Waele




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